In this workshop, we break down barriers of society and the roles that we have taken on as a queer community or the roles we’ve rejected and fought against. We will take a look at the effect and influence these prejudices and limitations have had in shaping the lives and perceptions of the queer community and the world at large. We will create a safe space for open conversation and healing. Each participant will be guided through breathwork as an ancient tool to clear and integrate traumas, subconscious patterns, self-sabotaging behaviors, and irrational thought patterns and bring healing and light to areas that need the nourishment. We will additionally enjoy a journey of movement and mantras to create the space for empowerment as we shift the paradigm of the old world and the restrictions we have created to unlock our queer magic!

Shaunna Williams, also known as the Mystical Minister, has studied social work at Lipscomb University, spent 8 years working in the substance abuse & mental health. She is an Ordained Minister who has coached hundreds of people. Shaunna has training & certifications alternative therapies, Reiki, Motivational Interviewing and breathwork. Shaunna specializes in body consciousness, energy & spiritual teachings. She has authored and just released her book THE SPIRITUAL MAGIC OF A QUEER POC.