This is an introduction of mystical teachings and secrets that Light up the steps to your Soul’s Purpose and Divinity.  In this class, you will learn ancient tools of protection and empowerment that you can use immediately to enhance your fife. You will gain knowledge and understanding of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and explore the three Paths of Progression to The Greatest key: KNOW THYSELF. Learn a technique for connecting with your Higher Self. Directly experience the energies of authentic Ancient Mystery School training.

Discover if the Path of Initiation is for YOU !!!

Dr. Duncan Bowen is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Webster University, maintains a psychological counseling practice and is Director of Atlantean Healing Arts.  He is an Initiated Teacher in the Ancient Mystery School lineage, an Initiated Ritual Master in the lineage of King Solomon the Great, a Guide Member of the Hierarchy of Light, and a Qabbalist.