Christina Ray will share the specific ways and resources you can use to strengthen your intuition and how to trust your Divine GPS.   She will also share spiritual tools and exercises to help you recognize the signs your Angels, Spirit Guides, and deceased loved ones send to you to support and help you to know they are near.  Christina will be giving audience readings to answer one question or concern you may have in your heart.  

Christina Ray is a certified Hypnotist and she specializes in Past Life Regression work.  For over 20 years, she has been helping her clients to obtain the immediate healing and release that comes from a past life regression.  Christina will be sharing how we tend to incarnate into the same soul groups and how our soul contracts plays out in every aspect of our current life.  She will also focus on soul mates/twin flames, spirit babies, cellular memories and explain the importance of severing past life vows that are not serving you this lifetime.  Christina will end with a group past life regression for everyone attending.  

Christina Ray is an Angel Intuitive. gifted Medium and a Certified Hypnotist who specializes in Past Life Regression work. For over 20 years she has maintained a  Spiritual Counseling Practice, which includes healing & release work and teaching classes and retreats nationwide.