The modalities of sound and vibration are exceptional. They are bridges which connect the multidimensional realms to the 3D, and the intangible to the physical. 
In this workshop we will begin by understanding resonance and then building it as a group.  From sound clearing with gong and didgeridoo to removing static blockages. Aspects of your Devine DNA will be activated “that you may be gracefully steered on your soul’s path”. Joshua is supported by Ascended Master St Germain. Various techniques, such as toning, tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes will support deep healing and clearing.
To complete the session, Joshua will create a “Soul Song” for the Group, in which the energies we have received and amplified will be put into a form which can receive from again and again. 

Joshua will channel the energies of Devine beings that wish to commune directly with you. These loving beings will share their wisdom and guidance for these times and for this particular group that gathers.
Unique energy is created when we commune with Angels and Ascended Masters in a group channeling. In their beautiful presence, we unify into one heart and mind, and complex problems and challenges are simplified through their great love. You will have the opportunity to sit with the Devine being that comes through and to ask questions directly relating to your own situation and to put your mind and heart to rest. 
Joshua has channeled Archangel Michael, Yeshua, Saint Germain, Red Feather, Quran Yin, Archangel Sandlephon, Mother Mary, Durga, Isis, El Morya, and Moses.

Joshua Inacio is a gifted channel, from England, who devotes his life and body to be an instrument of God’s love and will.  He is an accomplished sound and vibrational healer who works with groups and individuals. Joshua utilizes toning, tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes and modalities he has developed for healing procedures. He has had success in helping individuals heal their physical problems.