The 12 Races of Earth

Today we live in a world where the old mythology is coming back to life – in the most popular of books, TV, & film we are seeing a re-emergence of the old people….the Elves, Faeries, Mermaids, Gypsie, Vampires, and more. Is this all fantasy or is it something more? Mystery Schools have always known about these other beings, sometimes referred to as the ‘Elemental’ people.

On this planet, there are many other races than just the Adamic seed or the Humans as we know them. There are Twelve Races that live and breathe on this planet and many are living within our societies, knowing exactly what they are, and hiding within plain sight. In the past, these beings lived openly and in harmony with Humans, each serving a purpose that benefited the evolution of humanity. 

In this discussion, we look forward to introducing you to each of the races, describing how they have and continue to assist humanity, their purpose in the evolution of the planet, truths about how and where they live to dispel some of the myths, and how we can respectfully and safely get to know these other beings. 

The 7 Ancient Mystery Schools

The magick of life is reawakening all around us! This talk will also include a description of this history and lineage of the Ancient Mystery Schools and the work of each of the Seven Mystery Schools on this planet.  There are only 7 Ancient Mystery Schools–NOT Modern Mystery Schools who claim an ancient lineage. Come learn the difference and connect to the battery of the Ancient Schools.  In the ancient way, Mystery Schools hold close the wisdom teachings, each preserved for the benefit of humanity. These teachings are passed down through the oral tradition in the physical, from teacher to student, in an unbroken lineage of physical initiation. The teachings and tools handed down to lead the seeker towards the evolution and awakening of the soul as well as to reclaim one’s spiritual self. They are likened to Universities for the Soul.

Learn how the other 11 Races of Earth ties into the lineage of humans and brings the teachings of the Atlantis Mystery School to current day and the 12 Human Mystery Schools. Gain an understanding of each of the Seven Ancient Mystery Schools and learn to distinguish a connection to the ancient battery of energy of the Ancient Powers to the many “pop up” or Modern Mystery Schools of the current day. Learn where the Ancient Schools are and what energy each holds for the planet. Learn rituals to connect you to the energy of each and more! 

DNA Activation

DNA Activation is one of the methods taken directly from the halls of King Solomon’s Temple, 1000 years before Christ. The activation is a tremendous gift of empowerment that assists us in our own healing process at deep levels and allows our gifts to come most fully into our lives. DNA Activation is an etheric surgery, which brings Light into our physical and our spiritual DNA—our encoding as a God/Human. DNA Activation has been done for thousands of years in the Temples for the Priests, Priestesses, Oracles and their servants. 

This tool and the deeper teachings are handed down to initiated Teachers of Light, handed down and made available to the public in modern times. Join us as we open the mysteries of the 22- and the 24-Strand Activations, the origins of each, the accelerated process of the Lightbody Activation in modern times, and more. 

The Activation is one of the most powerful and beneficial modalities offered through the Mystery School Tradition. All Mystery School traditions have a Ritual and Activation process that results in the activation of the DNA.  It will open the Gates of Heaven to flow that energy into one’s life. The main purpose of DNA Activation is to provide humans with the physical change necessary for physical ascension! Come share in the Light as we share with you a simple way that each and every one of us can Share the Light, and bring more light to each other. 

Universal Holy Qabalah

Join us today for an introductory talk to include a brief history of religious and of Universal Qabalah, the Tree of Life, the Holy Sephirah, the esoteric teachings, and the practical application thereof. We hope to introduce you to the Tree within to begin to help each participant piece together the mystery of the self. 

Within the Mystery School, the Universal Qabalah has always been taught by initiated Ritual Masters who themselves are initiated, Qabalistic High Priests/Priestesses. The participants are taken through the Tree of Life with Ritual Ascension. This is a powerful way of experiencing the Tree in our daily lives, enabling us to live life most fully and is quite different from religious and theoretic Qabalah. Qabalah Magick is about creating Heaven here on Earth by embodying the different aspects of God, which are represented in the Tree of Life. 

 We work with bringing the energies of the Holy Sephiroth down the Tree, down into our lives, in a practical way through the Four Worlds of Creation and Vibrational Energy. The practical tools and techniques handed down in Ascensional Qabalah, teach and empower each student to become a conscious co-creator of his or her OWN LIFE by learning to work more directly with Spirit. Students manifest more fully their own gifts and talents during this alchemical journey we call Qabalah Magick! 

Cindy Myers is an Initiated Teacher within the Ancient Mystery School lineage, a Quabbalist, a Celtic Shaman, a trained and Initiated Ritual Master in the direct lineage of King Solomon the Great, a Ceremonial Master in the North American Tradition, a Guide Member if the Hierarchy of Light, and an Initiated Quabalistic High Priestess. She is a Shihan Instructor for Jikiden Reiki  through the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan.