This workshop is an in depth look at the Bio-Kinetic Energy field that surrounds the body, known as the Aura. 

We will discuss how colors are emitted through frequency, wavelength, and vibrations.  We will explore the 7 layers of the Aura and how they are effected.  You will have an inter-active experience with how color and sound effect the body and the world around it.  Finally, we will discuss and experience the development of Krillian Photography, cutting edge technology that allows us to view the Aura and the Energy centers of the body. Our technology is capable of giving a complete Energy Assessment through Bio and Thermal Kinetic Radiation.

Conference attendees will be offered the opportunity to receive a personal assessment of their Chakras while viewing their Aura in real time video.

Irene Wertley is a Reiki Master, Medium, certified Herbalist, Wellness Coach, and Aura Healing Specialist.  She is a vibrational & energy therapist and a Guided Meditation Specialist. She is one of the few in the USA that has the technology to do Energy Mapping and Aura Assessments.