An Introduction to Remote Viewing

Ever want to be that “Fly on the Wall” hearing what’s going on in another place you’re not in?

Well that’s Remote Viewing. 

The ability to seek impressions about a distant or unseen target, and retrieving information about it. This Class is an introduction about what Remote Viewing is and actually learning how to do it, with amazing results.  And remarkably being able to it with some degree of accuracy. Because everyone has some ESP capability, this will open up a world of possibilities beyond your imagination. So come and be astonished at what the CIA did for 20 years and say they disbanded the unit in 1995. Only to have the private sector open up new and amazing schools to help people hone their skills, and consistently use these techniques to achieve outstanding results, by design.

Kathryn Napier is a world-class Board Certified Clinical Hypnotist, serving Central Florida for over 30 years. She is currently President of the Hypnosis Education Association of Florida.  She is a Trainer of Metaphysical Hypnosis, Remote Viewing, Basic and Advanced Hypnosis.