Rev. Lauri Gist will be presenting a discussion about the evolution of prayer techniques with an emphasis on the practical application of prayer treatment as practiced by ancient mystics and shamanic healers.

Join the lively discussion and participate in an exciting process of creating your own personal and effective prayer practice.

This course will detail why these techniques were so powerful and still just as effective and how you can use these ancient practices to infuse your life with the power of self-manifestation, whether it is in health, finances, relationships or life guidance.

The course will be about 90 minutes, the first 30 to 40 minutes will be a discussion and overview of different techniques through the ages, a short break and then a practice session where participants can experience the prayer treatment for themselves, partner with mystics past and present, and create a custom practice to use both personally and with their patients and clients.

Lauri Gist is an ordained Unity Minister servicing Interfaith and Unity Communities since 1997. Lauri holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Religion and Religious Studies. Lauri teaches leadership training, prayer chaplaincy, and advanced prayer techniques, specifically shamanic healing techniques and prayer treatments of the Enlightenment Era. It is Lauri’s life work and joy to live the Unity Principles and to help people realize God’s dream for their life and to live their highest calling.